Stone Maintenance

Flooring & Accessories, Inc. seals all natural stone countertops before we are complete with your job. We prefer to use Dupont Stonetech Professional Impregnator or GranQuartz Professional Impregnator on most granite surfaces. We use Dupont Stonetech Bulletproof Stealer or GranQuartz Premium Impregnator on very porous stones, such as marble or granite. We recommend that you reseal your countertops once a year for preventative maintenance. We also recommend that you use our GranQuartz 3-in-1 Spray for daily cleaning of Dupont Stonetech Professional Revitalizer. These products can be purchased through us or at any home improvement store. You can use mild soap and water or your natural stone cleaner to clean things off of the countertop on a daily basis. DO NOT USE normal abrasive cleaners (ie. Windex, Soft Scrub, Pinesol, 409, Ammonica, etc.) on your natural stone counters because they can eventually dull the surface of your stone and strip the sealer.


You will avoid most stains by simply wiping up spills off of your countertop immediately. If the spill sits for a long period of time, it may penetrate the sealer and dull the polish of your stone. We do have products to extract stains out of natural stones in some cases, however, not every stain can be extracted. We also offer a sealer product called ‘Bulletproof’ by Dupont which has a 15-year warrany against stains on 90% of the stones available. This sealer is more expensive, therefore it is available on request.


When acids from items such as lemons, alcohols and even some cleaning products come into contact with certain minerals in your stone, they leave dull spots or rings. In some cases, it just creates a dull spot. Most granites do not etch. Etching is more common in marbles, limestone and travertine. If you have marble counters, it is a good idea to use coasters for glasses and mats for your cookware.

Heat Resistance

Granite is resistant to heat but it is still recommended to use placements, coasters and/or trivets to protect your countertop surface from direct heat. Most granite is resin filled at the factory, they fill in all holes and blemishes in the stone. This process helps prevent staining of granite along with the granite being sealed. Granite can still stain, but it is less likely. Granite is very hard to scratch as opposed to marble which is very easy to scrath.